The Secret For Success in Life.

Welcome, this site is a guide on how to be successful in life. It is dedicated to helping get the optimum results from our mind/body complex organism using the secret for success in life

No Instruction Manual

What! No Plan

When we come into this life we don’t have an instruction manual to show us how our mind/body mechanism works. We develop by trial and error gradually becoming functioning children, adolescents and finally adults. Unless we are very fortunate and are among the small percentage of people who do know how the system works we most likely get to old age without a clue or only a vague idea of what we should be doing. If we are very unfortunate then the weight of ignorance will drag us down and we all can see where that leads, just look around and see how many successful people there are.

What is Success?

It helps to clarify what we mean by success, not everyone necessarily will have the same ideas. However an acknowledged expert in this field, Brian Tracy of whom more later, suggests the following parameters and I must say they sound sensible to me, these are:-

  • Peace of mind and freedom from fear guilt and anger.
  • Good health
  • Loving realationships
  • Financial freedom
  • Worthy goals
  • Personal fulfillment.

This site will explore how we can achieve these aforesaid goals.

The Plan

The Mental Laws

First we will look at the mind. The most important item in our tool-box. Without our harnessing of this tricky device we will be doomed to failure. There are so many factors to consider here. Early life Mental Lawsprogramming, with its self fulfilling prophecies and lack of direction, misunderstanding the application of basic mental laws of life and absence of clear goals and plans for our life. “ If you fail to plan you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin supposedly said. Experts say that most humans only use about 2-5% of the full potential of the mind. Following a comprehensive programme to which I offer, will give access to that residual 95-98% that lies dormant.


Once we have applied the secrets of applying the mental laws that govern success all else will open up and follow. Once the mind is in gear we can put it to work setting up a plan to realize our optimum levels of health. If we are young to start with then we have a fantastic chance to achieve wonderful things and even if we are in advancing age we can slow Healthdown and reverse the effects of time on our bodies. Anti ageing is within our grasp! It is never too late.

Financial Freedom

Using aspects of the mental laws, one of which is that “As you sow so shall you reap” as the ancient scripts inform us which is the same as “ Cause and Effect”. I can show how to best apply these principles and others to realize your dreams.

Nest Egg
Nest Egg

Having mastered and harnessed our minds to reach our financial goals we can apply similar methods in attracting the sort of like-minded people with whom we can have meaningful relations.

Loving relationships.

With heightened personal esteem which comes through developing our true potential we will attract just the right sort of others who share our energy and vision and it is with those that we will establish true loving relationships. Maybe we can establish an atmosphere of universal harmony. Which bring us to Worthy Goals

Worthy GoalsLoving Relationships

It is not well understood that we would be a lot happier here on earth if we all looked out for each other. Many pay lip service to the “ we are all in this together “slogan whilst simultaneously ripping every one else off and lining our own pockets. Unless we are seriously damaged psychologically we all get an increase in “feel good factor” a release in serotonin when we help someone else out. They pay it on and they feel good and so on and so on “what goes round comes around” as a good friend of mine says, eventually something good comes to you like a positive spiral of love.

Personal Fulfilment

Once we have established even some of the above what will follow will be a sense of personal fulfilment which will grow and grow. It will be the start of an amazing adventure.

Wealth and Health

Without our health there is not much point in having wealth. Progressing from this idea even if we have our own personal health and wealth we are not going to be able to enjoy them if we don’t have a viable environment in which to do so. So I am proposing that our efforts should be directed to sustainable enterprises. My mantra is therefore:-

Health,Wealth and The Environment

Planet Earth