The Environment /Sustainability

The Environment/Sustainability


For many years now it has concerned me about the interconnectedness of everything.

On the one hand the planet we live on seems enormous when we consider the vastness of the Australian outback, the American Prairies and the mighty African continent with it’s Sahara desert yet on the other hand our planet is a relatively tiny ball spinning in infinite space amongst billions and billions of other galaxies.

Yet we are part of an intricate web linked with all things both animate and inanimate. It follows that we need to keep aware of this for our own good and for the good of all we are connected with.

The centre of the universe is within,a sobering thought!

Cause and Effect


Whatever we do has an effect which is obvious except that the human race seems to act as though this is only applicable selectively. We can see that obvious things follow this law i.e. you do one thing and it leads to another. You plant seeds in the right soil add water and plants grow- a positive desired effect. Like wise if you do something negative like tell a lie often you have to start to fabricate a whole web of falsity as a consequence


Whilst we have to live we can help ourselves and everyone else if we ensure as much as possible that all our actions and endeavours have a combined beneficial effect by being carbon neutral and leaving a positive remains from our activities.


This section of the site will concentrate on ideas and projects with this in mind.


Bearing in mind the dangers presented my the climate change crisis renewables will be the next big thing for business opportunities.

Help Others, Help Yourself Help the Planet makes sense to me