Retirement Income Funds

Retirement Income Funds

Many people will not have sufficient funds available for retirement. Are you one of these? If you are do not despair. There is a way to get a retirement income fund and below you will find out how to do it. This is not a get rich quick scheme but one that works if you put in the time, effort and discipline. If the alternative is a retirement of misery and poverty then it’s not a difficult choice to make.

Obviously the earlier you start in life the better but it’s never too late. All you need is a little imagination and the basic tools which are a computer and an internet connection. The knowledge that you need to do this will be supplied and if I can do it most people can. I am aged 72 and still learning! To stay abreast of this fast changing world you need the right attitude. I will be supplying leads to all the learning that you will need plus some useful material to adjust your mindset.

The other brilliant aspect of this programme is that you can earn as you learn. Also the effort that you put in will repay over and over again. In most jobs you get your pay once and that’s it but with the set up I am proposing you can get paid over and over again through several different methods, all legitimate.

When you look at the economic situation around the world it makes sense to seize this opportunity now. Where I currently live in the UK the situation is looking grim.  Brexit has exposed the precarious nature of our financial situation. I’m not going to delve into the politics but we have to be aware that some old, taken for granted certainties are going to be lost. Personally I have always thought unity is better than isolation – after all we are all living here together. This opportunity is a way of uniting with like-minded people who are happy to share their knowledge in common endeavours.

The company I work with is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to start. Free membership would give you access to two free websites and a month’s complete access to the Open Education Project. This project is a vast collection of information and training on how to develop a niche (your particular sphere of interest) and how to build it to be what you want, whether it is to market it or just become the expert in the field. After a month you have the option to join as a paying member at the ridiculously inexpensive rate of $49.00 per month. As you progress you can upgrade to a Plus scheme giving access to 50 websites. Other schemes have what is known as upsales, i.e. you join at a small fee and then you need to keep buying in at different levels which keep on adding up and up – the dangling carrot effect.

I mentioned that you can earn as you learn. Whilst you are building your niche sites (up to 10 as a premium paying member), remember you only need one successful site to solve all your financial problems. You can take advantage of their affiliation programme. Here you can use any of the training and info in the open education project as promotion and you will get affiliate rewards by using it.

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Do you want to earn as you learn? IT certification course with the Open Education Project.

What is the Open Education Project? How does it relate to retirement income funds?

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