Good Health

What is Good Health?

What is good health? Here’s my definition:

Feeling good inside, balanced, expansive, optimistic, comfortable in your mind, body and surroundings. All is as it should be, surfing on the crest of a wave of the present.

On my site you will find up-to-the-minute advice on foods that will help you to have a vibrant, youthful body. You will find suggestions about what to do if you are struggling with health issues. No matter what age you are you can still improve your health.


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Nature/Nurture Genetics/Lifestyle

Your genes are the gun but lifestyle is the trigger!

Lifestyle Trigger



You may have had a bad deal in the genetics department or you may have a good sound foundation on which to build a healthy body but your lifestyle choices can determine what sort of life you will have. The optimum word is anti-ageing (here in the UK we put an ‘e’ in the word; in the US it is ‘anti-aging’!) Wherever you are coming from, following an anti-ageing regime makes sense. If you are young, all the better; find out how to stay young. If you are older, you can turn back the clock.

Chronological Age v Your Real Age


Technology has enabled us to live longer, science has done away with famine, plagues and infant mortality but are we living healthier lives? No! Just look at the statistics. In the UK the biggest causes of premature death are:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Lung Disease
  • Liver Disease

In the US the stats are similar but instead of liver disease it’s unintentional injury. (Note, these are Premature Deaths – we will show you how to not become one of these statistics.)

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Premature Death UK


First of all you have to think Young Healthy Vibrant Alive. Without the right mindset you are fighting against an incoming tide.

The most potent weapon that you can bring into play against the negative forces that can affect your life is your mind. Unless you have been very lucky and have been enjoyed circumstances that have fostered a positive mental attitude throughout your life you may be dealing with a heavy burden of mental baggage. This can age you prematurely and stunt your growth, both physically and mentally.

On the primary level, by affirming your belief in yourself you will program all the cells in your body to be receptive to positive influences.

Light Bulb Moment

On the next level you will use your intelligence to understand exactly what the optimum nutrients are that your body and mind need to function at the highest level. Use your mind to discover what is best for it and the rest of your body. View yourself as a super athlete in training for a world class event, or a warrior preparing for a life-challenging battle. Unrealistic? Not at all. You are preparing for a world class event and life-challenging battle: your life! CLICK HERE- Don’t settle for being mediocre.

Challenge – Become a Warrior


Here’s your challenge:

  1. Look at the mind section on my website Click Here, find out about the mental laws of success and how they apply to you and your health, wealth and general well-being.
  2. Apply your mind to how you can best prepare your mind/body for the next stage of your life journey. Discover the best fuel/nutrients to achieve optimum fitness and slow down the ageing
  3. Naturally work towards avoiding those life shortening habits that threaten on all sides, again using your mind to identify and break free from short term fixes like poisons such as tobacco and alcohol.



While I must post a disclaimer stating that these suggestions are for educational use only and that you should consult a registered medical practitioner do feel free to comment below. I am happy to answer you as best as I can in my capacity as a UK-registered health practitioner.