Food For Healthy Bones

The Top FIVE Foods to Support Healthy Bones

Because of how it looks it is easy to forget that bone is living tissue, constantly growing and changing. Bone care needs our attention just as much as our heart, lungs and waistline do. We need to choose food for healthy bones.

As we get older our chances of suffering from a bone fracture increase due to osteoporosis, a word that means ‘porous bone’.  This is where the bones become extremely brittle and are vulnerable to fracture. An astonishing one in four people with a hip fracture will die within a year of the break due to complications, often due to problems arising from immobility. Continue reading “Food For Healthy Bones”

Antioxidants in Food

Antioxidants in Food – The Key to Beat the Effects of Aging

Our bodies are amazing systems. Billions of chemical reactions take place within them every second. It is these reactions that form life – and they are dependent on what we put into our bodies (food and water) and how we use our bodies (exercise).

According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), three-quarters of deaths across the globe are a result of lifestyle diseases which include heart disease, stroke and cancer. Clearly something is amiss.

Poor dietary and physical activity choices are the key causes of this increasing trend in both industrial regions and developing countries.

We can’t escape death but we can, in many cases, avoid premature death and we can slow down the ageing process. While a healthy diet is important throughout life it becomes a necessity as we age. Continue reading “Antioxidants in Food”